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The No. 1 Real Estate Investment Company in Nigeria.

“The Mall” Project


What We Do

Real Estate
Investment Portfolio Diversification

Investors who diversify their portfolios have a better chance of ending up with more savings for their retirement and other financial goals.


We have found ways to make real estate investing efficient and accessible for individuals. For many, we also provide considerably less hassle and risk than buying, managing and maintaining their own building.

Inflation Protection

We provide natural protection against inflation. Real estate always appreciates and its values tend to increase when prices do. This supports diversified investment portfolio as a reliable stream of income even during inflationary periods.

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Our Strategy

Property investors are transforming residential buildings into prime urban real estate, following the high vacancy rates in highbrow areas. The new trend is fast gaining ground in major cities and urban centres.

Residential accommodations are being converted into industrial and commercial property. Developers say, the option has become necessary for newly acquired residential real estate property to boost its value as well as maximise the revenue it delivers as an investment.

One way we have embraced to maximize profit is to develop the residential premises into a commercial property and either sell or lease the converted spaces. Converting residential developments into commercial buildings have recently become an attractive prospect due to location, access to all the desirable amenities including public transport, schools and arterial roads.